McMyAdmin Release Notes

This is a maintenance update for MCMA2 to fix a handful of features that no longer functioned correctly, and to remove some features that were no longer useful.

* Added support for the new download locations for the official Minecraft server.
* Fixed the official server not stopping correctly via the web interface/scheduler.
* Fixed support for recent ForgeMod versions where there was no console output or the server wouldn’t show as started.
* Fixed automatic compilation for Spigot/CraftBukkit when selected.
* Fixed behaviour of -setpass when used on a full startup
* Fixed a memory leak in the updater
* Added automatic renaming post compilation for Spigot/CraftBukkit so that no manual steps are required.
* Removed BukGet browser as BukGet no longer exists.
* Removed old version prompts for CraftBukkit not matching the latest vanilla version.
* Removed IKVM support.
* Changed setpass behaviour to use the newer salted SHA256 hashes for passwords.
* Changed error message when trying to upload a restricted file type.
* Changed logging to not duplicate the message handlers (improves CPU usage)