AMP Beta ‘TN/SR5-C’ Release Notes

This release includes some significant changes to ADS and how instance creation works. Also note the breaking change to existing time based schedules.


* Version TN/SR5-C
* Added support for Uris as setting types.
* Added a warning if system timezone isn’t UTC.
* Fixed error logging for not found situations when using RunUtility and similar.
* Fixed a potential NRE upon login if AMP can’t connect to its update server.
* Fixed process.kill throwing an exception if the monitor proc (as opposed to startup proc) has already exited.
* Fixed CPU usage calculation on Windows when system has SMT (Hyperthreading etc)
* Now uses the total system installed RAM for applications that don’t have memory limits (basically anything except MC)
* Now checks $PATH for ldconfig on Linux instead of assuming fixed path.
* Now uses 1-12 instead of 0-11 for months in the scheduler (Breaks existing schedules!)
* Now uses BTLS as the default SSL implementation on Linux. Supports TLS 1.2.

Instance Manager (Core)

* Added autoconfiguration for network ports and other incremental IDs.

Instance Manager (CLI)

* Added new commands to autocreate instances (individual and bulk)
* Added -version flag.
* Added RestartAllInstances command.
* Fixed starting instances for OSs running > Bash 4.4 due to a breaking change in bash.
* Now Automatically syncs available SSL certificates against the system certificate store.

ADS Module

* Added Simplified instance creation, by default just asks you what game you want to create and where you want to put it. Advanced settings remain available.
* Added Hybrid control mode (Like controller, but allows local instances)
* Added ‘Convert to managed’ for instances that are not currently managed by ADS under its current mechanism.
* Improved logging of remote auth failures
* Now responds proeprly to shutdown requests

ARK Module

* Made use of BattlEye optional.
* Fixed startup task not being removed if startup fails.

SteamCMD Plugin

* No longer crashes if socat fails to run (bad args, unescaped params, etc)

Minecraft Module

* Added some missing settings from
* Fixed the “Accept EULA” prompt being shown over and over if the server fails to start immediately after accepting the EULA.

File Manager Plugin

* Custom VDS directories can be edited via configuration now

AMP Beta ‘TN/SR5-B’ Release Notes

This release is almost entirely bugfixes with no significant new features.

It’s recommended that Linux users obtain the latest version of the instance manager.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below.


* Added a new IP selection source for servers that don’t work on (srcds)
* Added sqlite as a static library on Linux. No longer required to be installed by the user.
* Added an option to have AMP not override the standard CTRL+C behaviour.
* Added a (working) ‘View release notes’ button when updates are available.
* Improved error reporting when login server is unavailable.
* Improved logging of permissions failures.
* Improved call stack logging for exceptions.
* Improved error reporting when certain system utilities are missing.
* Fixed Authentication being initialized before command line args were checked (fixes ‘invalid salt’ on brand new instances)
* Fixed CPU usage calculation in Windows. Was previously dividing by number of CPU cores twice.
* Fixed AMP not behaving on Linux systems where xterm-256color is the default terminal type.
* Fixed IP address settings not appearing as drop-down lists.
* Fixed display names for virtualization platforms.
* Removed ‘Banner Image’ plugin from those loaded by default.
* Removed unused video element (caused black screen for some users)

Instance Manager (Common)

* Added Friendly name and instance name are passed to the instance itself, which now stores them.
* Improved time taken to create instances significantly.
* Improved time taken to start/stop instances.
* Improved method used to stop instances on Linux, uses SIGTERM and waits before SIGKILL.
* Fixed licence check failing if AMP is bound to

Instance Manager (CLI)

* Fixed instances being reported as having failed to start even though they are running fine.

Local file backup plugin

* Fixed behaviour of .backupExclude files.

File manager plugin

* Now shows if backup exclusions apply to files (but cannot edit exclusions yet, still needs to be done by hand)
* Fixed certain file information not showing up in the right-side panel when selecting files.

Source Dedicated Server Module

* Added support for ‘Wingman’ gamemode.

ARK Module

* Added option to change player limit

Minecraft Module

* Added support for new Minecraft snapshots (fixes server not moving from started -> running condition)
* Improved logging for sleep related issues.
* Fixed startup failure if contains duplicate entries (most recent is used)
* Fixed sleep server trying to resolve IPs as hostnames (normally not an issue but some Linux systems don’t like this)
* Changed “Install / Update” to “Download / Update” – people were hitting install when providing their own Jars and surprised they got overwritten.

Rust Module

* Added -logFile by default as an argument.
* Added a setting to specify a different URL to download Oxide mod from.
* Fixed RCON behavior when Rust is bound to



AMP 1.6.8 has a change to how passwords are stored. If you have never changed the password for your user via the web interface then you will not be able to log in.

Only users who have never used the web interface to change their password are affected. If you have changed it at least once using the web interface then you are not affected by this change.

You must either use the web interface to change your password before upgrading, or use the instance manager / command line flags for AMPCore to reset your login details after upgrading.

The reason for this is that support for SHA256 hashes has been removed entirely, and now only bcrypt is

You can change your password if necessary outside of AMP by using the resetlogin command of the instance manager (`./ampinstmgr help resetlogin`) – Windows users should use `AMP.exe +Core.Login.Username USERNAME -setpass NEWPASSWORD -configonly` in a command prompt from that instances datastore directory. When setting passwords via the command prompt you should avoid special characters and change to a more complex password via the web interface.

AMP 1.6.8 TN/SR5 is a stop-gap release to allow users to benefit from the fixes, improvements and minor new features that have previously only been available to users of the Nightly release stream. Ordinarily releases wouldn’t be this far apart but AMP 1.7 has some major changes that means it’s slower than normal to get out.

The changes are so numerous that not all of them have been listed this time, and instead only the visible or significant changes are listed.

Known Issues

* When creating an instance, if the password is too weak – there will be no error or warning, but you will not be able to log in. When creating instances on the command line it’s recommended for now that you use a password that is at least 12 characters long, and mixed-case alphanumeric. Do not use special characters on the console as they require escaping.

* “Remember Me” is not working. The cause is known and has been fixed, the fix will be available in the next update (or is available in Nightly)

* When creating an instance, the specified username is being ignored and “admin” is always used.


* Exceptions that make their way up to the web interface always get logged.
* Exceptions that are wrapped up in AggregateExceptions are now unwrapped so the user can see what’s wrong.
* Added support for the Patreon Supporter licences.
* Improved descriptions of certain settings.
* More ‘core’ API calls return an ActionResult to denote success/failure rather than throwing exceptions.
* Fixed enumeration of child processes on Linux.
* Added an Update On Start option to AMPConfig to auto-update the server application when AMP starts.
* Removed support for SHA256 hashes and use bcrypt exclusively now.

Instance Manager CLI

* Fixed startup when using Docker instances.
* Added commands for bulk operations, such as RebingAllIPS and ReconfigureMultiple.

ADS Module

* Too many things to list. Treat this as if it were brand new. New wizard for first time installations.

Email Sender Plugin

* Actually works now.

File Manager Plugin

* Archive operations shouldn’t stall anymore and leave uncompleted tasks.
* New UI to show current selected item. Precursor to allowing multiple selected items.

SRCDS Module

* Added settings for server name and password

SteamCMD Plugin

* Update tasks can now be canceled.

ARK Module

* Lots of RCON related tweaks, now works much better.
* Improved startup behavior, changing the default startup directory and add -automanagedmods by default.

Minecraft Module

* Tweaked normalizers to support more Minecraft server versions.
* Updates can now be cancelled.

AMP Beta ‘TN/SR4’ Release Notes

This release mostly brings AMP up to feature parity with MCMA2 now that role based permissions are usable. There may still be some cases where users are shown things they shouldn’t be able to do (and get a permission denied error when they try and use it) but broadly it works correctly.

This is a fairly big release with lots of under the hood changes and brings AMP a big step closer towards TITAN.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.


* The users and roles features are now implemented. You can now create roles with as few or as many permissions as you like and assign users to those roles.
* Users management page has been overhauled and now resembles the Roles page in design. These two pages don’t yet have mobile friendly versions but this will come.
* Fixed users not being able to change their password if ‘Force password change’ was enabled.
* Fixed not being able to add tasks to triggers in the schedule.
* Fixed password changes always showing a failure even if it actually worked.
* Fixed the node name for protected settings not being shown in the log when changed.
* Fixed permissions evaluation. Specific methods are implicitly allowed unless explicitly denied, but role based permissions must be explicitly allowed.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the existance of 2 ‘admin’ users with the same name in different cAsEs.
* Added Async versions of all the methods in the web interface (returns promises) – replaces getCompleter.
* Added security check – in addition to not running as root (existing limit) AMP also won’t run on Linux if `sudo su` allows root login without a password from the current user.
* Added session-level caching for permission evaluations, reduces CPU usage.
* Added additional information to the ‘permission denied’ error showing exactly which permission is missing.
* Changed all the setting categories, WebSetting attribute no longer has a ‘category’ parameter – this is now defined by the SettingSectionStore they belong to.
* Changed “Help and Support” to now just be “Support” to deal with linewrap issue (hack instead of preventing the wrap in the first place)
* Changed the behaviour of the frontend plugin to outright not load plugin tabs you don’t have permission to use rather than just hiding them.

ARK Module

* Fixed a bad cast preventing AMP from starting the server.
* Issues a “SaveWorld” before running “DoExit”

Minecraft Module

* Fixed a bug where an exception was thrown (knocking out AMP) if Java wasn’t installed (was added deliberately for debugging, should have been removed)
* Better fault tollerance when starting the server (missing files, etc)

File Manager

* List of permitted extensions is now an actual list rather than CSV to make it easier to show in the web interface later on.
* Upload/download/edit now works for VDS directories. Now allows you to upload/download backups!
* ExtractArchive API call now accepts a destination directory to extract somewhere other than where the archive is (not implemented in UI yet)
* Added a ‘create directory’ menu option.

Email Sender

* No longer throws an error when you click the “Test Settings” button!

Backup Plugin

* VDS is enabled by default, allows access to backups via the file manager.
* Restore is now implemented.

ADS Module

* Creates a data directory by default for information unrelated to the instances. It’s the default directory used for storage if you archive an entire instance.
* Now correctly honors the ‘default settings’ setting to be applied to new instances.
* Fixed instances not being removed from the UI until ADS is restarted.
* Added VDS notifications for instance creation/removal.
* Added the web methods that were formally part of the IM plugin (and have now been removed from the IM plugin)

Instance Manager (CLI)

* Fixed it not running because there’s no ‘session’ for logging purposes.
* Now shows the correct help when you’re missing arguments rather than spewing out an exception.


* Updated to match current API spec.
* Name of the output file is based on what modules/plugins it was generated for.