AMP Beta ‘TN/SR6’ Release Notes

This release focuses a lot on improving functionality in ADS and getting Docker working nicely.

**Note: Existing ADS users should ideally re-run the first time setup wizard by deleting `ADSModule.kvp` or failing that, turn on `EnablePassthruAuth` in `AMPConfig.conf`**


* Platform detection is now aware of WSL.
* Fixed UTC warning showing even if the timezone is correct.
* Removed exceptions from SetConfig – now always gives errors instead.
* Implement permission node providers. Only for show right now.
* Fixed behavior of remote instance logins to get the assigned permissions correct.
* Improved logging for invalid sessions.
* Implemented session ID remapping (required for ADS)


* Basic permissions node provider for specific instances. Non-functional!
* Fixed ‘starting instance’ notification never ending when starting docker instances.

Minecraft Module

* Ownership check on the jar file is now a logged warning rather than a startup blocker.
* Tweak for BuildTools to accommodate regression in certain Java versions

Instance Manager (Core)

* Docker instances are issued consistent MAC addresses based on their instance ID.
* Added additional missing datastores for Docker instances. Fixes SSL and library issues.
* Uses an instances assigned release stream if known for upgrades, otherwise whatever the default is set to.

Instance Manager (CLI)

* Added ‘ports’ command to show ports occupied by a given instance (only applies to instances created by ADS)
* Partial name matches are now allowed for most commands so long as the name is unambiguous (`ampinstmgr start ads` would start an instance named ADS01) – sensitive commands require an exact match.
* Fixed –sync-certs doing nothing, now actually syncs certs.
* Info command shows which release stream applies to the instance.
* Added ‘ChangeInstanceStream’ (alias: stream) command to switch which release stream an instance uses.
* Fixed behaviour of `ampinstmgr shell` on Linux.