AMP Beta ‘Hawking Starman’ Release Notes

This release contains largely bugfixes and minor feature improvements, along with some under-the-hood work towards 1.8.


* Fixed AMP crashing on startup if the licence directory is inaccessible.
* Fixed users with 2FA enabled not being able to change their account details (user is now prompted for a key to change details)
* Changed CPU usage calculation to be based on a fixed interval. Should address many CPU usage calculation issues.
* Added support for unique message IDs when using websockets so clients know which reply is for which request.
* Nightly builds now show a more useful build number rather than the ‘version’ of AMP.

ADS Module

* Fixed licence key text box not being focusable.
* Added application mapping for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
* Implemented state merging for targets/instances – makes the entire UI super snappy and responsive.

RCON Client Plugin

* Fixed a potential NRE if the user tries to send a message during the authentication process but before authentication is completed.

Minecraft Module

* Fixed MC module crashing if the `buildtools` directory is removed by the user while the build process is running…
* FTB failing to install now shows as a task failure.

7 Days to Die module

* Updated configuration to match latest version. (GameWorld setting)

The Forest Module

* Basic state tracking
* Now shows the servers console output! (Read-only, game does not have a writable console)

File Manager Plugin

* Fixed FM plugin crashing on startup if invalid characters were specified in a path for a virtual directory.
* Fixed downloaded AMP archives not having their permissions modified on Windows.

Instance Manager (CLI)

* No longer prompts for any default parameters.
* Under Windows, gives a prompt if double-clicked in explorer to explain that it’s a CLI application.
* Added (semi-experimental) ConvertCertificate operation to produce a PFX from a KEY+PEM.

Instance Manager (Core)

* Fixed missing module metadata on Windows.
* Removed Factorio from list of supported applications on Windows.
* Updated docker start failure message to indicate that the AMP user needs to be part of the docker group.
* Updated help to clarify that –nightly and –fasttrack only apply when creating instances now.

MSI Installer (Windows)

* Added a new registry entry for module metadata location.
* Legacy GUI uses new metadata from Core.
* Added SDK Tools (APIGen and PicoRCON)

PicoRCON (Windows Only)

* Added protocol switching, can now connect using any RCON protocol supported by AMP.