Welcome to Titanz main web-page!  We are a Streaming/Hosting Company that is here to support your needs ranging from fun entertainment to hosting Minecraft-Steam servers at an affordable price!


We stream many different games on Twitch.  For more information please visit the channel at Titanztv and subscribe for updates.

Our schedule is currently open but we are available to stream everyday between 9AM and 10PM depending on the day’s current agenda.


Titanz was established in 2011, spawned by gamers playing Halo 2 on an MLG team.

After obtaining sponsorship to play in the Chicago MLG tournament and placing in the mid top 50 teams, we thought there had to be a better way to connect players and viewers together.

For the love of competitive gaming and creating a platform for groups of gamers, we thought there had to be a better way – and boom Titanz.tv was born.


Mixer Streaming Team

We have added another team member in another streaming service called Mixer.  We hope to see you there when we go live.  Drop in and give us a follow so we can grow together!  Click here to check us out!


Are you interested in joining a diverse group of gamers?

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