NFT #40

Titanz Wolf Pack Attack 

Welcome to the Titanz NFT Pack

Titanz Wolf Pack attack will be a game based on your wolf pack to attack bosses to recieve other rewards!


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MATIC : 0xE70b0e6a96b6b3C342488933799565a06Aa95B12



Titanz Wolf Pack NFT's

Collect all the different versions of wolves to create your very own wolf pack! There has been 1000 made and a few will be Airdropped from 1.1.22-1.31.22 be sure to join the discord and message me on twitter to have a chance to obtain 1 of the 1000 that will be circling the NFT world! Show off the different wolf's to your friend and family, compete with them to see who has the best versions that we have in the collection!